I Wish I'd Never Cheated

My bf was in a weird depression/funk. The s** fell to once a month and he basically became one with the couch, forgoing showering even. During that time, I f**ked my ex. It was just for the s** and he was awful. My bf is the best s** I've ever had but I was desperate. I ended up getting pregnant and having a miscarriage (I would have had an abortion). My bf doesn't know what happened and he's since snapped out of it and our s** life is back, but I really just wish I could take back what I did and end the self-loathing. I want to say I'd never cheat again and I really believe that I WON'T ever cheat again, given how much I regret it, but I genuinely didn't think I was capable of it before I did, either. I just didn't know I would ever be in a situation where I'm being routinely denied s**. I'm ashamed of myself that I was so weak.

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  • You cheated. You regret it. Consider that the price you have to pay. Hope things are better now.

  • You are a bible-thumping Yankee, no other first-worlders care about this issue, the others have common sense and actually pay attention to the research that proves abortion lowers violent crime and poverty rates (because women who are not ready for kids, women who would become single moms, or women who already have enough of a handful to support get them.) The only places in the world with male circumcision rates as high as America's are all in sub-Saharan Africa. They think like third-worlders.

  • I'm a Bible-thumper because I don't believe in killing babies?? Wow...I didn't realize Christians were the only ones who didn't believe in killing their children. Good to know.

  • Some babies are mistakes, bible-thumper.

  • So you feel guilty for cheating on your boyfriend, but you wouldn't feel guilty about killing your baby? Interesting...

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