Babies are retards.

I hate my son. he's just a little baby. he's not even a hard baby. he never cries and he sleeps a lot. i just hate him. he's beautiful and funny and i love him, but i also hate him. i fantasize about hitting him or throwing him but i don't want to hear him cry. i need help but i don't want them to think i'm crazy or put me on drugs. i hate my infant son.

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  • Its ok to feel as you do that kid will rob u for next 20 years condoms are lik seat belts they should b worn

  • I recently lost my 4 month old granddaughter. It has altered the lives of my entire family. What would she have become? Who would she have married? What joys would she have experienced that are now lost forever?

    Every life is special. I have been a poor influence in my children's lives and their lives are beginning to mirror that lack of attention and selfless love.

    If this feeling persists, it can only translate into action, either tragedy or the long-term tragedy of a loveless upbringing. They deserve better. And, you deserve to find that happiness as well. If the 2 cannot coexist, then be the provider of the gift of a good life and be brave enough to make the difficult decision to present your child for the opportunity of adoption.

    There is great love to be found in our world still. Your child can be the beneficiary. Think about it.

  • Why the f*** did you HAVE a baby if you hate them ? Jesus, I thought people who LIKE babies are the ones who have them ? Didja get knocked up by accident or something ?

  • I hate 'em too. So I am getting my tubes tied.

  • How old are you?

    Please do not hurt your little baby!Can you tell your parents OR a relative? Maybe a close friend?

    If you think you are going to hurt your baby, PLEASE, PLEASE, take him to the police station, or a hospital. They will help you. Don't be afraid to take him. They will help you. And you will never be sorry you did the best for your baby.

    All the best.

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