I dont know, I am such a loser in my life, I am 24, a virgin, never had a boyfriend, what is worse is nobody except my parents like me. no guys ever said they like me.
i m not a ugly looking girl. i loved a guy for 4 years. i have done many stupid things just to catch attention. he ends up not talking to me, not would even look at me.
people even give smiles to random people.
what is worse is , i am doing really bad in school now.
nobody hears my opinion in a group project, bc i m stupid.
everyone around me is either getting married or getting a job. but i dont know what i am going to do , and what i am capable of doing. My life is just a mess.
i really wanna make my parents proud , but i dont know how.
ppl goes to better graduate school than me . i took qualify exam 3 times and didnt pass it. probably broke the history of worst graduate student. nobody cares to be my friend.
most of the time, i wont have someone to eat dinner with.
yesterday i went out with a guy , he took another girl ,and made me to pay the portion that i didnt even eat .
i basically hate myself. but i dont know how to make it better.
everyone mocks me.
i dont see what i am good at or what to live for ?
i used to believe in god, i believe everything will be better. i am a good girl. i donate money to poor children every month. i do ppl favor all i can .
i dont know why i have to have ance all over my face .
and cant get a slight attention no matter how hard i try.

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