Wish I was a woman

For years, I've had thoughts about how great it would be to become a woman. Unfortunately, all the surgery in the world would still leave me looking like Herman Munster in a dress, so instead I fantasize about being a cute, petite woman. I'm very much heterosexual - not interested in guys at all. I guess if I got my wish, I'd have to be a lesbian.

I work with a wonderful older woman (in her 50s). She's beautiful, polished, and fun to be with. We've become friendly, and she helps me explore some of the more feminine things I enjoy - sort of like a big sister.

She got me reading some of her favorite romance novelists, and now we often read together and discuss the books. She thinks its funny and teases me about reading "chick" books, but I really like them.

We also talk about fashion, exercise, and other things I'd never talk about with another guy.

I love this opportunity to explore my feminine side, and I'm grateful she's wiling to teach me!

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