Crossdressing husband

I have been a crossdresser from childhood. I absolutely love the look and feel of women's clothing. It's not something I do all of the time. Sometimes it seems that my feminine side just takes over and I absolutely must wear female clothing. My wife of 26years does not approve. There are also times when my feminine side takes over that I just can't help but to think or fantasize about being totally dressed as a woman and be on my knees sucking a man's c***, longing for a load of c** to be shot into my mouth for me to taste and swallow. I have never done it but would absolutely love to try it sometime. How odd is that ?

May 27, 2021

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  • Its not weird at all just too bad your wife isnt kinky. Dont listen to the nazitroll c****, just be you homie

  • I was crossdressing, but when I started to wear a bra everyday is when my wife saw a difference in my demeanor. She said she liked me better this way, I was calmer and not so easily irritated. I like myself better this way also.
    I am truly happy and my wife is as happy as I am and others see it in our relationship. We hsve so much fun thatcothers like to join in and we are happy to accept them inti our playing around.
    My wife is my best friend and we are enjoying each others company so much. It is a lot of fun and it just rubs off on to others and they will laugh with us or join the conversation. We were talking about Mico fiber or nylon panties amd this woman came over and said " I could not help to over here your conversation ".
    Be honest and women will be with you on your journey of exploration of your softer side.
    My wife feels if a female can be a Tomboy why can't a guy explore his feminine side he has.
    And we all have one, but Macho men can't be soft, really?
    I have come to the aid if 4 women in my life that needed a Big Brother just for a short time untill the problem went a way, and it worked out each time.
    And yes I was wearing panties at the time. It is great sharing things with your wife and her saying I bought this bra but i don't like it here you can have it, or you getting out a blouse or women's pj for her to wear because hers are in the laundry.
    It is such a close bond that can not be explained but it is such fun to enjoy with her year after year.
    I'm so happy that we found each other and I do not care if other men can't figure it out, it is there loss.
    Being a 2 Spirit Person has many advantages, but it took me a while to find that out.
    I'm happy to be a CD.

  • You are not alone.
    I di not prefer men i just like women, but that doesn't make you bad or anything just different than me.
    Your CD will get stronger as you get older. And when I told my Girlfriend that i liked to wear panties, well she got up and got me a pair to wear that night. And bought mw a pink teddy the next day.
    We later we got married and I wear bras and panties 24/7.
    When I started wear a bra she noticed I was calmer ans she said i like you better this way, and I have worn one ever since.
    Now im starring to grow b**** from side affects from medications, now that us rather interesting and something I never planned on.
    They feel good, it is amazing. My wufe one day was feeling me up to see if they were,m b****. There b**** OK!!
    I wish you well and a good life, your CD will never go away so better get used to it.
    Be sure to have fun and I hope your wife will change her mind.
    My wife loves my softer side ans we go shopping for each other many times in the women's dept.
    Have a good life!!!

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