When I was 20 yrs old I was partying

When I was 20 yrs old I was partying alot. Ive always had the uttmost respect for women, but something happened twince that year that makes me think that I may be a rapist. I have struggled with this for years, so here is my story:

I was at a party and its was getting late, so I decided to go back to my friends house where they had went earlier to crash. When I got there one of my femals friends was really drunk and she said she was hot. I took off her sweatera nd her pants to cool her off. I was so turned on that i begane to fondle her under her panties. She didnt react at all, so i took out my p**** and had intercourse with her. I even e********* inside of her. The next morning we all woke up and nothing was said about it.

2 weeks later I was at the same friends house and we were totally wasted. My best friend (whome is female) came into the house and was to the point of passing out. She was at a rave previously so there is no telling what she was on. She asked me to help her undress so i did. I put her into bed in her bra and panties and went back into the living room to drink somemore. i noticed on of the other guys go into the room so I went to investigate. He was looking at her under the cover. I would not stand for this so I asked him to leave and decided to lay down beside her and go to sleep so noone would try to do anything to her. She was so beautiful and I was attracted to her secretly. So I began to fondle her b****** and she said nothing. I then fingered her and she still said nothing. I was extremely excited by now and totally drunk, so i pulled her panties to the side and penetrated her. I had s** with her for about 20 min and e********* inside her as well. She never woke up durring the s**. She was out cold from whatever she had taken at the rave. the next morning she woke up and woke me up to say "goodmorning" and give me a hug. Which was normal for us. nothing was ever said about it again.

Now its been 10 yrs and I still wrestle with the fact that I may be a rapist. Am I?

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  • (that's my comment above)
    I need to request you stop referring to them as "friends". Friends don't do that to each other.

  • Not only did you violate them..you didn't even have the respect to wear a condom. Karma....I hope you don't have daughters.

  • I think it's really good that you care about what happened. To me that shows that you have a conscience. You made a poor choice, but it's in the past. Don't worry about whether it was rape or not. It's time to put it behind yourself. You're alright.

  • I would love to do that

  • statue of limitations you cant be charged after 5 years

  • im a ten year old girl, i think you may be my DADDY!!?

  • I'd love to have a guy friend like you!

  • Yeah you're a f****** creep and a sociopath

  • rapist!!!!!!!!!!!

  • obviously you're a rapist.

  • you know i thought about doing that one time (came close to putting it in, but i got so freaking turned on by it my d*** never made it).
    but i did lick her junk.
    i know i know im a sick b******, but as insane as i am, stuff like that just seems all the normal. (and i was reallly really really drunk)
    but anyways. YES i do think the rest of the world considers that rape, but on the other hand the world thinks im crazy.
    would i do it again if i had the chance?
    well that depends on how much meth i have smoked that day :)

  • well yes u are for the second one i think she deserves to know what happened though.

  • Hopefully they'll come looking for retroactive child support any day now...

  • You made a mistake and its in the past. You havent said anything about doing it again and its been 10 yrs. Drugs and alcohol can make you do thing that you normally wouldnt do, especially sexual things. I hope you have changed your lifestyle and are repentant for what you did. Appearently the girls weren't too concerned with what happened considdering that they had to have known that they had s** the night before and never inquired about it. Im thinking they knew what was going on and maybe they wanted it to happen as much as you did. Remember they asked YOU to take their clothes off. Dont beat yourself up dude. Just dont make that mistake again.


  • Technically, yes- they did not give verbal consent. Pray your opportunistic behavior does not come back to haunt you.

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