I want to be emotionless

I don't want to have emotions. I want to be emotionless or emotionally numb. Sometimes I try to be emotionless but my emotions just get to me. I try to listen to depressing songs to make me emotionless and I try to not care about anything. I just feel that if I'm emotionless, then nothing can affect me,nothing can hurt me. I don't want to care about anything. I don't want to feel anything. I just want to be completely emotionless.

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  • No you don't. The scariest thing ever is to not be able to feel. I was clinically depressed for over a year and felt nothing. I couldn't feel sadness, happiness, interest, empathy...nothing. I will never forget how surreal it was to wonder over and over, "Will I ever feel anything again?" Trust me, sadness is better any day.

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