I'm a cheater

I've been with my man for 6 years, and for most of the time we've been together i've slept with other men. It's not because i don't love him, because honestly i love him with all my heart. I just don't know why i feel the need to be involved with other men. I guess something is wrong with me. I want to come clean to him and start over because lately it is tearing me apart, but i know he would never forgive me. i don't know what to do.

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  • You will most certainly break your relationship if you do it. The thing is, you don't love him. Because a relationship implies compromises/sacrifices from both sides. You have to work on it, you know? It does not come easily or naturally. You think you're the only one who's been in a relationship and has been tempted by affairs? Temptations come from everywhere.

    Anyhow, you've mentioned more partners. Whoops, that means that you're not really the type of girl who likes commitments or anything stable. You probably like experimenting. That's ok, I myself was built this way too and on top of that, I love receiving attention (even though it is sometimes focused on my physical aspect). However, knowing myself all too well, I reject any relationships. And what is wrong with you is that you are too selfish and want to have the best of both worlds: someone to come home to and someone to mess around with, without any implications.

    You wanna have multiple partners and have a sense of independence from a relationship point of view? There's nothing wrong with that. BUT DON'T EVER mess with other people's feelings/intentions.

    Although it's not very morale, if you really feel that bad and don't want to ruin the relationship officially, I don't recommend you telling him about your little adventures. It will be devastating for both of you. I'd suggest you immediately stop seeing other people. Next time he'll take you somewhere out or surprise you, you'll feel bad enough, so this kind of serves half of the punishment. Make it up for him, change yourself for the better. Wait like a dozen of years before you tell him.

    This is the first option. If you don't feel like changing, then I suggest you leave him and tell him the truth. Accept the fact that you're not a relationships person and leave it. Just don't hurt other people.

  • Tell him; free yourself from guilt. Guilt can kill. Fast and pray and obtain forgiveness from God. Study God's word; so liberating.

  • If youd love him you wouldnt do things that would hurt him.. you're also a s***

  • You are evil! How could you say you love someone, but with your actions show the complete opposite! I hope he finds out and leaves you for someone who isnt a w****!

  • Tell him, or one day he will find out! Either start a fresh, with a solid foundation. Or walk away and stop hurting him, even though he doesnt know you are hurting him!

  • Don't tell him and stop cheating.


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