I failed at my suicide attempt, I spent I month, three weeks, eleven hours in a mental hospital. Were I was poked and prodeded with needleseds and injections, where they took the rest of my living body away and made it theirs. I didn't want the woods to heal, I didn't want the posin to seep out of me. I wanted to die, I wanted to continue dying. I wanted murder on their hands, the ones I called friends, family. I played their games, I pretended to get well. This is my first time out. Breathing the fresh air, unfiltered by cement walls and plastic carbon widows. I am free.
I am ready to make my secound attempt.

I learned nothing.



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  • im nine and im going to kill myself too.

  • dont do it kid

  • Holy crap, have you not learned nothing, in the end, its never worth it

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