How do i measure

When im measuring my d*** do i measure when im hard or soft? when im soft im about 5 inches but when im hard im 7.5 inches. is your size when your hard or when your soft? no one i know will talk about it when i tell them my size. im a pretty big guy im 196 lbs and about "6,1". i dont know im in a f***** situation because i cant talk to anyone about it but im feeling insecure can someone give me a staright answer?

Dec 13, 2011

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  • From the base to the end?

  • Measure when hard from the inside to the top.

  • The best measurement is from her chin to the top of her forehead. That's about the right size.

  • well my name is ste little and i measured mine at its hardest... it was 2 mm.

  • I have been watching pornhub movies.I have seen guys there with humongous d****.How do they get that big? Are they real?

  • That's tiny. Mine is 14 inches long. Lmao

  • That's an above-average p**** size. But not SCARY big. Perfect! Congrats!

  • measure when erect. you also measure from the top because this is the longest part of your d*** that will be engulfed by her v***** (/his ass). p.s. the verification code was ffag. lol

  • im 7.5 when hard too

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