I like my neighbor.

I absolutely love my neighbor. I think he is the first guy to actually like me back. He has amazing blond hair that i tease him about and beautifully aqua blue eyes. He is the perfect guy. He's kind, smart, funny, and is perfect. I haven't seen him for about a week but it feels like a year. I was so close to telling him that i liked him but i chickened out.

We were in my bedroom (alone) when i asked him how i looked in the jacket that i was wearing. He said i looked fine, i was so close to just blurting out that i liked him but i got scared that he would say that he didn't feel the same way, so we left my room and went outside.

Calvin if you ever read this, i will go to the ends of the earth with you, i will climb the highest mountain and ride the most fierce rivers for you. Please ask me out.

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  • Hi, i wrote this and i've never had a boyfriend and don't know how to ask them out.

  • u know, it wont make any of a difference if you ask HIM out.

  • Why should he ask you out?I see that you've known him for just a week,but still,you can at least try to let him know how you feel. Don't tell him directly,but be more flirtatious,and why not even ask him out? What's the big deal..what's the worst that could happen?He may turn you down,but at least then you'll know that it's not worth wasting your time.He may,however,say yes,which would be great,wouldn't it?

  • you cant just expect him to do the hard work

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