Im lying

My family thinks i am a Christian, but I'm not. I don't understand how God just magically appears and creates the universe out of absolutely nothing. I'm not atheist but i have doubts. I know there are good people on this site. Please help me change my mind. NO JERKS RESPONED TO THIS MESSAGE!

Dec 18, 2011

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  • Since you find it so difficult to imagine God magically appearing, and you say you're not an atheist, then can I assume you find it equally difficult to imagine the Universe magically appearing out of nothing?

  • Keep questioning....

  • people have their beliefs and i also find it strange that educated people can believe what they do. i sat in a lecture today while an aboriginal elder told me she believed all sorts of things from 'the dreaming'. i respect her culture but cannot for one minute believe the things she was saying. you can't convince people who have blind belief in something. don't bother trying. xxx

  • Your doubts are understandable. It's a difficult concept to grasp, intellectually. Keep questioning.

  • God did not "magically" appear. For you, start with John 1:1-18. God Always existed. If anyone "magically" appeared it was human kind. Please read Genesis 1. The idiots will tell you it was the big bang theory or we evolved from apes, but those are just theories. Neither of which has never been recreated. If you need proof, put ingredients in the microwave and turn it on until it explodes, see if life comes out of that. The Word of God is the only equivocal source of how mankind came into existence-there has NEVER been anything else. If there were, then it would still be happening. Scientist would be able to observe apes evolving since human and ape life is relatively short. Stop relying on what people tell you-even if its your parents or friends. Pick up the bible and read for yourself. Also, find yourself a teaching church. I hope this helps. God loves you.

  • Really you f****** f*****? calling us idiots i thought you was christian."put ingredients in the microwave and make it explode" that is seriously THE WORST argument ever, im not f****** kidding. and if your wondering why im mad i will calmly argue with you all day,in a civilized manner UNTIL you call us idiots, you f****** hippocrit, what you said GOES AGAINST your s***** fake religion, im tired of hippocrits like you. NOW for the man who asked you should read the bible but keep an open mind, and QUESTION IT when your ready read my post titled Atheism.

  • Second law of thermodynamics states that chaos increases with time.. therefore god cannot exist forever

  • who is right. sitting in bed without light so cannot punctuate properly. did the cockatoos fly over a volcano and get simultaneously blackened and 'reddened' by the ash and fire respectively. or did noah put them on his ark. seriously. god i wish i could punctuate in the dark. exclamation mark. exclamation mark.....there are all sorts of people out there who are good. they may believe in something different to you but it's just a different version of the same fairy tale. like you, they just want to believe.

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