I'm going to commit suicide.

I'm going to kill myself because I lost everything I could've had. Emily, my crush that I've loved for over 8 years now, says she doesn't like me back. It's bad enough that she said that, but one girl in my class kept laughing at me and spreading false rumors about me such as "Ryan told Emily they should hook up" and "Ryan tried making out with Emily". See, I'm not a man w**** plus, I'm only 12. I'm not done yet either... it gets better. My mom hates me for telling my little sister to STOP TOUCHING ME AND SLAPPING ME so my mom decided to slap me super hard. Also my grades are lower than usual. My life is like h***... it's terrible and there's no escape. Still not done. I keep getting yelled at during basketball practice for being confused or running somewhere I shouldn't just so I could get the pass and put up a shot. My friend, Chase, died. As I said before Emily, my crush, doesn't like me back... BECAUSE I'M SHORT!!! I CAN BE A GREAT, LOVING BOYFRIEND, BUT SHE WON'T GIVE ME A CHANCE. I've made my decision, I will attempt to kill myself. No hater comments please. Good bye cruel, dumb, piece of crap called the world.

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  • You are 12 and I am 30...I am still living a life of a loser...no one to talk with or walk with....reconsider your decision

  • To understand Emily, look up 'Red Pill' reddit on the net.

  • I managed to work everything out and its all good, thank you for giving me good advice. I still don't know about Emily though, oh well. :) thanks to all the comments above. especially the second one.

  • listent to some eminem, that helps me. my girlfriend left me today, what a b****.

  • OK Please Don't do it , suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Trust me it get's better. You might be lost but you will find your ways . One day you are going to do something great and inspire the world. Maybe some little boy or girl will read your story and feel like someone understands them. Your relationship with your mother will get better, maybe talk to her or a teacher, they are there to help. As with the crush , forget her she's not good enough for you. She's not for you but you will find the one. Your young.

  • If you don't learn from this life you will come back again and have to go through the same thing over again.

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