Please PLEASE help me!!!!!!

I have been in love with the same girl for over 8 years now and I've had girls say I was cute som even said I was hot. Anyways, Emily (my long time crush) found out I'm in LOVE with her and I sent her a note asking her if she likes me back. I did and my classmate Sammy said that Emily said she doesn't like me back. I'm ******* madly in love with her! I'm 12, but I love her so much and she won't be with me... so, I'm commiting suicide. I can't help it, she broke my heart and I'm going into depression. My heart literally hurts... right now it feels like someone is squeezing it super hard. I'm done... try talking me out of it though because I don't want to, yet I have to.

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  • What i would suggest is go and see this emily and ask her yourself. i know youll be shy and your heart will race but you shouldnt go on what other people say unless its from the horses mouth. if she then says that she doesnt like you back then i would forget about her and find someone else. it will be hard to get over her but you must be honest with yourself its not going to work.

  • O.k. I will try asking her myself, thanks. :) I'm getting better too.

  • how can your whole life be about this Emily girl ? there are OTHER things to live for and other girls too if Emily doesn't want you..... how did Emily "break your heart" if SAMMY told you how she feels ? has SHE told you how she feels ? And listen.... if she doesn't want to be with you, it's better that you know than keep on wondering. if you're only TWELVE believe me you WILL find another girl to crush on if you only give it a chance ! so don't kill yourself okay ????

  • I won't, but I've tried moving on... it's to hard. Oh well.

  • Fake

  • Not fake, I swear on my life... well what is, for now, my life.

  • Theres a girl emily and a girl sammy at my school and were the same age kinda as u soo this is kinda weird abd what if i know u

  • Is your school called S.M.S.?

  • First of all this is not fake... today I was slitting my wrists. Second of all... if the Sammy in your school has the last initial of "S" and Emily's last initial is "M" then you probably know me.

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