I only wanted 5 minutes

It's well known I've suffered with depression since my mid teens. I've always been the go to guy to give advice or support my friends and family. I've listene to stories ranging from death of parents, rape and self harm. Recently I've been having bad thoughts and every person I've spoken to has been to busy or never called back. I only wanted 5 mins of your time and no one would give it me. These bad thoughts are going to be a reality in the new year. After years of listening to you all you'll have to find a new person. Goodbye....

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  • Will it make you feel better your new way you are a d***

  • You sound so much like I am, I'm suffering to you're not alone. Please don't waste it. I can be deemed a hypocrite but I've never taken the opportunity to let myself take 5 minutes and out of all the people who deserve time to be listened to. It's you, if they won't listen, try confiding in writing poems, music, write how you feel down. Rip the paper up and forget about it if you need to. That way it's off your chest, off your mind. People are unreliable and f*** you over and you shouldn't have to harm yourself for the ignorance of others. Please stay with us.

  • don't be the go to guy any more. people take advantage. do what's best for yourself until you find someone or a group of people who are like minded. people are either givers or takers. you sound like a giver. only give to other givers.

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