I Love You But Can't Be Faithful

I can't bring myself to leave you. You're my best friend and I can't live without you. But you're so blase about s**, I honestly think if you had to go without it for years you wouldn't even blink. I'm not like you. I wish I was, but I'm not. I am having an affair, babe, behind your back. I'm so sorry. Please know that I do not love him, it's just s**, and I would never abandon you. I've never even spent the night. I always come home to you. Would it make it better to know that he can't make me c** with his mouth? Only you can do that. I can't bear to make you feel anymore sexually inadequate than I already have with my pleas and tell you that you're just not satisfying me with the amount of s** you offer, and I can't spend my 20s in a damn-near-sexless relationship. So this is my solution. It has no bearing on my feelings for you. I'm so sorry.


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  • It's so easy to say "just fix it." What do you expect me to do, rape my boyfriend?

  • You know he will eventually find out right? Lets see if he is so understanding then? Fix your relationship and stop playing with fire, it will burn you!

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