Suicide, on christmas.

I understand the radiating pain inside you. I understand the memory of last year. I understand hat your going through. Because I miss you too. But nothing can change what you did, and nothing can change how much you hurt me, how we spiraled out of control. We are not, healthly for each other. The most suicides are around Chritmas. I understand.

I understand why, why I would take my life.

One year ago, we sat in the lights by the tree. We laughed and drank. We has the beat Christmas.

I'm as cold as it is outside. I feel like dying.
I am dying inside.

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  • If your gonna do it, at least hang yourself on the Christmas tree, come on man

  • Jake, seriously.

  • Do it. Go ahead no ones stopping you. No one was stopping you the countless times you've threatened it before. You probably have no idea what damage that could do to someone. Get some help

  • I wish there was something i could say to you to make you feel better, But having been there i know there isn't.
    Don't kill yourself, its not what your really want and life can only get just keep going better one day at a time. and whether you believe it or not your death would only negatively affect the people around you.

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