All I really want is you why don't you get that?! Why don't you understand your the first thing I think about when I wake up, when I'm in public I mope around with hopes to see you around, when I do your all I want to look at the way your beautiful eyes stand out or the way your gorgeous smile just ignores me with temptations of wanting to look but it's like we're strangers to one another we don't talk I might be scared, you might be shy, I might be a complete idiot for being quiet and shy but you might be dying for me to say something. It's like you know but wait for me to say that 4 years ago I fell in love with you at first sight. And until this day you give me the butterflies without you saying one word, with just turning to look at me and smile I know that everything is okay. The truth is in reality I'm not happy because your the one i want but I can't go after you if you don't mature about it and agree to step up and face reality stop hiding from me, your making things more difficult for myself especially when you try to act like your taken when your really not because I know you want to be with me as bad as I do, get to know you, talk to you and understand I want to be there for you when you feel like things fall apart hold you when your scared motivate you to be better inspire you change your life in a unexplainable way that no one understand but me and you and your close ones. I adore you and understand that through my distance and smiles i give you. I'm weak when your around just f****** accept it already quit hiding trying to run away or try to make me jealous with these so called dudes you go out with I see you and I know it's fake. Just be yourself ??

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