Please come back

I don't know why you left me. You promised me we were going to be together forever, and you've never felt this way about anyone. I thought you were the boy I was going to marry. It sounds so stupid now because I realize you never even cared for me. I should've known that day, the day after I lost my virginity to you. I asked you to come over and bring me plan b because I got so scared of falling pregnant. But you just left to go to the movies with your friends and didn't even tell me. I had to get out of bed, crying, going to the pharmacy and feeling totally humiliated to the point that when I asked for the pill the words couldn't even form in my head. And when I came home I took it and cried in bed all day, wanting to take it all back. I needed you, where were you? I did everything for you, physically and mentally. I opened up to you, I trusted you with everything. For the first time in my life I felt like someone wanted me, and that I could do anything. But then you left for college and suddenly you didn't need me anymore. You never called, never tried to stay in touch. We broke up over text. It was the worst feeling in the world. You promised me we'd stay friends. But you've never even spoken to me since then unless I started the conversation. I meant nothing to you anymore. I try to move on, to take each day one at a time. But all I feel is sadness and regret. I want you, I need you, I miss you. And despite all the bad you've done I love you. I pray to god everyday to give me the strength to move on and forget, but all I feel is unwanted and heartbroken. Please god, give me the strength to feel ok again.


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  • yes b******* b**** please try and ignore the true comments before this one.

  • Please try to ignore all of the stupid spam on here. I was reading your story thinking I could have written it 12 years ago. It's so hard to lose someone you love so much and someone you gave your all to and thought you'd be with forever. I promise it will get better, but it may take a really long time. I still think about my first love every once in a while. We're both married to different people now and have kids, but I'll never forget him. Just take it one day at a time.

  • Well you should not have been f****** behind his back s***, its you own f****** fault now f*** off.

  • Go suck a d*** w****.

  • Your a sweet girl who needs to realize what kind of man she needs. the girl i lost my virginity to had her last boyfriend do the same thing it took her over 5 months to have s** with me and after she did she cried and told me about what happened. when i found out i went and kicked his ass infront of his current girlfriend and left him on the floor and told my girl what i did and she hugged and thanked me and we had s** again and again and now we have been dating for a year and a half and we love eachother.

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