Im a 26 yr. old women that loves s**, i

Im a 26 yr. old women that loves s**, i fein for s** 24 hours of the day, i have a guy but he's not pleasing me, he goes limp in the middle of s** then leaves to go to work with my p**** wet and throbbing for some action, im a freak and need s**, im even willing to have s** with women, h*** any man at this point will do, i just wanna be pleased is there any advice on what to do?

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  • get married. the first 12 years of our marraige was awesome. I f***** her in every way possible. find a man and scew him down tight.

  • A BULLET is the ultimate s** toy for beginners!!!


  • A BULLET is the ultimate s** toy for beginners!!!

  • Buy yourself a s**-machine. Then you can get freaky when your man isn't home.

  • there are tons of enhancements online

  • h*** yeah...move in with me

  • this is a confession website, this is not dear abby. dont ask for advice. that's what message boards are for

  • BTW- He may not go limp in the "middle" of his s** experience. I think he just came. Do you talk about this?

  • Yeah, but she should at least be with someone who can stay hard

    I sort of know where she's coming from. I fiend for s** all the time too, but I only desire my boyfriend and it kills me when we're not together and we can't be intimate.

  • Wow the perfect woman.

    Anyway my advice would be the to use your boyfriend for all the s** he's worth and then when he's done have him use some toys on you. Or maybe have him watch you use some toys, but by all means don't start taking all comers because that could have very bad endings.


  • Wish you where my GF/Wife. LOL I have the opposite problem with my GAL.
    Regardless if you are that h**** maybe a toy or two would help with your problem.
    Stepping out may not be the answer.. or maybe it is time to leave him and find a new guy. Only you know the last answer to the last situation for sure.

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