My life is a lie.

I am still a virgin. My current boyfriend doesn't know that, and I've lead him on to believe that I've had s** before, but really, I'm just to embaressed to admit I've never had s** before. I was in a long lasting relationship before him, and because of that everyone assumes I must have lost my virginity to him, but it just never happened. I feel guilty, because I just hate keeping things from him, but I'll seem like a HUGE lier if i admit im still a virgin, after practically telling him otherwise.

Dec 28, 2011

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  • just tell him!!! guys LOVE virgins

  • seem like?? you ARE a f****** liar. admit it too yourself and him.

  • If she doesnt want to f*** you I will. I got double D's And a p**** that you can fit four fingers in. My ass is big and ready for you. Anyone want my number? I'm a hot 15 year old girl named alonda.


  • I wanted it when she was 10!

  • Don't ever be ashamed of who you are!! There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. Just be honest with him, he may think it's pretty awesome! If not then maybe he isn't right for you!

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