My Girlfriend likes to sleep in my bedroom..

It all started when my Girlfriend was so tired and possibly sick. We came from school and training because we were Varsity players. That night, she was so sleepy and floppy that i was worried and took her home. When we got there, there was no one in the house. So I let her sleep before I leave(Her parents know i'm her boyfriend and trusts me completely). While I was tucking her in, i couldn't help but look at her pretty face and kiss her passionately. She is still half awake at that time, i know because she's still pulling me in. Then accidentally, when i tried to pull away, my hand was on top of her b****. If felt so soft and good. Usually when this happens she would tell me what i did wrong. But this time she didn't. I guess it's just because she's too sleepy and tired.

So as i tried to pull away, that happened, and i all i did was come back to kissing her. So as we kissed my hand was on her b**** and she didn't notice. I tried to grope it once and i did. But i was still afraid she would get mad since she was still awake. That night ended when i really needed to get home. So layed her down on the bed and groped her b*** one more time as she fell asleep.

After some time she always comes to my house(this is a usual thing) and when she does we would sleep together in my room(Just sleep). And one time, i woke up and she was still sleeping. So i layed her head on my lap and i opened my laptop(just beside my bed). I was just playing some games quietly while she was sleeping on my lap. Then i went to a site where a picture of a hot girl turned me on. She was still sleeping soundly. So i groped her breast one more time, i kinda fondled it a little bit. But she still had her shirt on. So next i tried to position my hand under her shirt and fondled it again on her bra. I still couldn't controll myself. I placed my thumb under the cleavage part of her bra and started sliding my thumb towards th middle of her b***. I did this just to feel and touch her nipple. Then i continued and fondled her breast. I've done this alot of times. Even when there are people around. All i need to do is hide it all under the covers. Even at her own house with her hot sisters there..

Then one time we sleeped in her room. Her little sister was there too. But she was in the other room. So I fondled her b**** once again enjoying every bit of it. Then i tried to slip my hand in her shorts(My boxers.. she likes to wear the extra clothes i leave in her house in case i had to sleep over). First i felt her p**** from her panties. Then i slipped my hand inside her panties and i rubbed it... That's as far as i've gone.. Untill now i still do this. I even believe i've done this even when she's still awake and pretending to sleep..

I love her and i would never leave her. I'm gonna marry her someday and I will always take care of her. Don't get me wrong. I'm usually not like that. But it's been kind of a habbit now. So i just go with the flow.

Dec 28, 2011

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  • All these f****** bible quotes. Your god isn't real. get over it

  • Have respect man! Just because don't believe in god, doesn't mean you should disrespect those, that do!

    I understand what your point was and I don't particularly agree with, what they stated. However, I'm not disrespecting them because of their religious beliefs,
    I simply disagree with, what they stated.

  • Why are you touching her while she is asleep? Consent is very important to God.

  • Lol Consent is important, 'full stop fool, regardless of religious beliefs or not!'

  • I like to do that to a girl who comes over but she is awake but she strokes my dik. But now I don't want to do that because when she was stroking I cummed and it might of got on her hand and she might be pregnant. But I at least fingered her and licked her b***.

  • She is your girlfriend. Fondling her will lead you to another level which is s**. And s** outside marriage is called fornication. In love, I suggest you read 1Thessolonians4:3 from the scriptures. God wants you to enjoy s** when you re married but NOT fornication. What will you do? Accept Jesus Christ in your heart and repent of such act. Live and enjoy each her company and get married to her and have fun unlimited.

  • Are you the f****** god of this website

  • Stfu

  • Bible f***

  • Weird? But still enjoyed reading

  • Wow, how are the blue b**** treating you bud? Get laid!

  • Don't be an inconsiderate ass! Everyone is different and therefore different, when determining when they feel ready or not, to engage in s**. This male maybe ready for s**, but his girlfriend may not be. Are you suggesting he should pressurise his girlfriend into having s**, because her boyfriend wants s** now? If yes, if you love someone, you can wait patiently. If he can't wait, he obviously doesn't love his girlfriend, as much as he professes to.

    And to be honest, to molest his girlfriend without her consent and especially whilst she's asleep, when she's vulnerable and unable to verbalise her consent; is unlawful, unconscionably and breach of trust.

  • that is such a sweet story at the last part:°( last month my bf asked me too marry him (of cousre i said yes) and he said the same things in the last par???????? and when we were in high school he would let me sleep in his bed and i would let him sleep in mine(only sleep not any thing eles) and he says i sleep like an angel and then popped the question ……………………… but lovely story

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