i think that it's so unfair that i have

i think that it's so unfair that i have to deal with all the critisism and judgement of being pregnant at 18 but my ex doesn't because he dosen't even have to tell anyone that he's going to have a kid. I HATE IT.

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  • At least your not 14 or 15. . .

  • Most of the comments are dead on. You are not a kid. You knew what the possibilities were when you had s** with this guy and you also knew what type of guy he was. Plus you aren't the first to be bashed like this. That's how society works. Females are always looked negatively on for being loose, whereas guys get a medal of honor. No we shouldn't judge you but you should learn to deal with the decisions you made. Nobody forced you to have s** with this guy. You made that choice. But the choice has been made and the consequences has been dealt so now you have to woman up and handle your business. You are going to be a mother. Start planning for how you are going to take care of this baby. And you family are probably just disappointed in you but it's not the end of the world. You can still make it in life. You just have to stop worrying about your future baby daddy.


  • it takes two to tango, but only one has to push the baby out... This is the easy part. It's all downhill after the birth.

  • I waited until marriage, despite having more than ample opportunities. And so did my wife. I have zero chance of having STDs, and I had zero chance of accidentally getting someone pregnant. I'm happy with this.
    For you, consider your best case scenario. I certainly don't mean to impose my values on you, but I suspect we might agree. Best case, you have your child. You get as much support from family and friends as possible, and you personally take the responsibility for the remainder of the parenting duties. You eventually get a valuable degree so you can get a good job. You find a loving husband. And then you go on with your life, the whole while being a good, caring, and loving mother to your child. I guarantee that this will not be easy. But in the end when you look into his or her eyes and you see a beautiful grown up child, you'll see the sum total of all your efforts. And it will be worth it. Good luck.

  • ^^^ but what percent of them had the mind to have 'safe s**'?

  • I had s** at 18 and I did not end up pregnant. In fact, over 90% of people have had s** by the age of 20, so do not judge her.

  • Unless you're retarded you're old enough at 18 to know what happens when you let a guy have s** with you.

  • having to pay child support doesn't come CLOSE to what single mothers have to go through. Plus, he will prolly be a deadbeat and not even pay his support anyway, and wind up in jail and then she'll have to tell her child that her dad is in jail... her kids life sucks already and it isnt even born.

  • unfair is having an 18 yr old mother, and most likely a deadbeat father. get over yourself, and start thinking about your child. you get a head start on figuring out that LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

  • think about that next time you have s**.... in fact, think about it EVERY TIME YOU HAVE S**!

  • I agree.
    Girls get the bad end of the stick, figuratively speaking of course.
    Don't worry - it'll come back tenfold.
    It's called child support.

  • That is so cruel.

    Look, forget the stigma. The fact is, you are going to have a child. And when that child looks up at you, you are not going to care what people say. All you will be able to think about is the love you feel for your baby. And also, you will find someone else to love you, child and all. One of my best friend's has been with someone for 5 years now (not her baby's daddy) and he loves her AND her child, and she got pregnant at 17. So there.

  • Too bad, maybe you shouldn't have gotten pregnant then. Maybe you should have thought about that before you had s**.

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