what a prat, long read, make a cup of tea/coffee

To make this make a little more sense (i went back, added bits, moved bits), so i'll try to make it make sense to the best of my ability, and i apologise for any poor grammar, the batteries in my keyboard are runnng low.

I met a friend at work, he is fairly heavy, not exactly strong, so he dosent look built at all, and he is ginger, just under 6 foot tall, bad skin, has a voice like he is slightly mentally handicapped, and sounds a bit creepy with his topics of conversation, his mother passed away, and his dad is seeing someone else, and he dosent get along with his dad great, so that could be why he is a bit weird, but i gave him a chance and introduced him to a group of friends i didn't particularly value as much as my others, but i gave the him a chance, and went out drinking with him from time to time (he was okay when he came out of his shell).

Me and my girlfriend met at work, my friend (who we worked with), well... he was my friend, also liked her, she rejected him multiple times and started going out with me, 2 days after we started going out, he told everyone about us, despite us asking him not to tell people (he wanted to know who she was seeing the day after is went out on our first date), which made work quite uncomfortable,oh and he followed her around after going from someone who dosen't believe in karma, star signs, or religion, into someone who is trying to copy everyone of her interests and everything associated with them.

I thought that he was just p***** off (i spoke to him the day before and said i have no idea who she had dinner with, he found out later tht night), so i let him telling everyone slide.

By then he was asking me and her questions (what have you gotten up to when you are together, when are you next seeing each other, what are you planning on doing, where) then telling me what to do and that I'm not making the effort to see her (trust me i do, we have conflicting timetables so we dont spend time with each other more than twice a school week, oh yeah im in college and she is in 6th form, but we are 2 academic years apart (in the uk you can start college at 16 or go 6th form after year 11, i dont know how it works in the US or other countries) but now im going off topic) and i told him to stop being nosey, or something along those lines.

Then he started emailing her, sending her messages on facebook saying things like "i love you", "you should leave him and be with me", "he dosen't really want you, he just wants to spite me" "he will never care about you as much as i do", "I'm perfect for you" and "you would be much happier with me", then he started following her around when he was working, following her at work when he wasn't working, and saying pretty much what he said when he messaged her, and brought his family in to introduce them, like they were in a relationship.

The bit that takes the p*** about this is that he thinks I am still his friend, and he thinks that I don't know what he has been saying to her, it has been nearly four months that i have been in a relationship with this girl, and he still carries on saying what he says.

Oh yeah something that shows how much of a d*** he is, when he was finishing his shift at the same time as her, he saw her leaving (he didnt know the time) so he ran after her out of our workplace, (retail) nearly knocked over a heavily pregnant woman, caught up to my girlfriend and asked if he could walk her home, knowing that she gets picked up from work by her parents, but he really seems to want to know her address, probably to help him in stalking her.

He (somehow) got a hold of her mobile number and now he texts her saying the usual, and he keeps phoning her up (during the day, middle of the night) and saying that he loves her and that he isnt drunk, I know he isn't drunk because he hangs out with social retards who cant afford to bring alcohol to parties, and he dosen't drink "because he knows that she dosen't like people who drink" (She got cheated on by a guy who drank a lot one night and cheated) and he knows i drink a little, but not enough to even get tipsy, just he dosent realise that i dont drink much, so i don't plan on cheating on her.

Oh and he said to her "Ive been thinking about you in my bedroom" which really made me want to hit him, but she told me that she will leave me if i confront him, my best friends know about all of this (except the him telling her that he thinks of her in his bedroom) and they want to hit him, but i can't let them because she will not believe he got kicked in for any other reason.

The thing that really annoys me is that she has told me not to confront him countless times, some people feel sorry for him becuse his mother died, but i don't believe it is a reason for him stalk my girlfriend, he constantly attempts to talk to me like im his friend when we are on the same shifts or outside of work, and i only talk to him when its necessary for work.

My girlfriend says that its more being polite that i havn't confronted him, but personally i think she just wants me to surrender and seem okay with him following her.

I really want to kneecap him, toffee him (thats hot water plus sugar in a kettle, boiled then throw at someone, not some sort of fetish) pull out his fingernails and tell him what i think of him and what he has said, maybe in a different order to how i listed it all.

I have told my girlfriend that it p***** me off that she hasnt blocked him or anything like that, i know he means nothing to her and she dosent like him, but it p***** me off that he continues to say what he does anyway.

I'm treating this more like a rant than a confession, but i suppose anonymous comments could probably humor me a little, or i could find some genuine advice on the subject.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Call the cops on his ass.. That would freak me out!!

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