Finishing my story

So after the episode with the sexy woman my wife hired to video with me in sexy girl things . Again we didnt talk about anything it was so strange and completly not at all like her or me it really was a turn on fantasy type thing wow it was hard to tell that she was sick with cancer.finally I asked if she would talk about what we were doing . She said all I know is I love this new thing very much and asked me if we could do more. I of coarse said h*** yesSo once in a while she would send me a text. Or email with ideas for things to try. We had so much fun the last 3 years of her life wow what a woman. Thanks for enjoying my little story. Update after she passed I sometimes get room and dress up in her memory


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  • I am a money magnet. the more I give the quadruple I get back in money. that way I will live my story til I finish living and that aint for ages and decades and more yet. hallelujah

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