Competitive, Groping Boyfriend.

My boyfriend is always "competing" with my ex-boyfriend s** wise, and asking me how far I went with my ex. He likes to grope me in the street or in public sometimes and ask me, "How would you feel if I did this in front of _____?" To which I always punch him, but he thinks he can get away with it ALL THE TIME.

Oct 30, 2012

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  • Your BF is massively insecure. Needs constant reminders that he's better than your ex. I dated a woman like that. Always needed affirmation, we couldn't go anywhere, including my older sister's house, without her sometimes being all over me. If we went to dinner and I got up to use the bathroom, she had to..required, me to kiss her to show other women "he's mine". I hate PDA's, by the way.

    She really got crazy competitive at the bar I go to. Have known the bartender girls for years (one, for more than 10, and is a very good friend), and one night, not only did I have to tell her, please, ease up with the hands on me and legs over mine, but, my one bartender friend admitted a few days later that she was "avoiding that corner" (where we were sitting), for fear my gf would flip out that another female was talking to me. And used that same word..Competitive, and jealous.

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