She still makes me rock hard

I've been divorced for 7 years now but still think about my ex. I always got off thinking about her f****** other guys. She would always tell me when someone turned her on and then we would f*** like bandits.
The guy that turned her on most was a friend of mine. After he was around for a while her p**** would get so hot thinking about him. I'm pretty sure she f***** him behind my back but she would never admit it.
I would talk about her f****** him while we were having s** and she would turn into a wild woman, c****** many times.
I still blow my wad thinking about that.

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  • My wife had a crush on a coworker. One night while we were having s** I told her to think about him. She came so hard. It was amazing.

  • Your friend she is fantasizing about must be black. They're so much bigger and sexier.


  • Each to their own.But just because a guy is a particular race,doesn't mean he's automatically,going to be bigger and sexier.
    Every male is different,aesthetically and anatomically,regardless of their race/ethnicity etc.

  • whatever got her juices flowing mate. as long as you got to bust a load in her juicy vag it worked out.

    this repetitive commenter is obviously gay as aids since he is such a homophobe. i bet he cops bulk d*** in his r*****.

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