I would like you to shove you're p**** in my v*****.

Can I make it anymore f****** obvious?

And f*** all you b****** that are going to comment with "its because you're fat"
I'm not f****** fat.

He's just a dumbass and doesn't understand when a girl f****** wants his nuts.

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  • Could it be your attitude?
    I know I wouldnt put my d*** in ya.

  • Get him alone, get naked, and start sucking his d***. And don't give him a choice. Rape his fagit behind. Pull down his pants swirl your tongue around the head of his d***, then deep throat it. Then proceed to suck his d*** until his knees get weak. Then as he is about to fall push him on over jump on top and start riding his d*** like a real cowgirl. After about a minute or so assume position and if he doesn't stuff you full of c** then, you are fat and ugly.


  • Have you tried \\"Hey! I have an idea! Lets have s**!\\"?

  • Yes, you are an idiot.
    Anybody with half a brain knows the difference between 'you're' and 'your'.

  • You might not be fat, but I'm guessing you lay it on pretty thick that you "f****** want his nuts." So my guess is you're probably ugly, seeing as a guy will usually f*** most anything that doesn't look like it crawled out of Quasimoto's ass.

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