My secret life

That behind closed doors my boyfriend is abusive. They punches, hits, and verbally attacks me. I keep it from my entire family and will stay awy from my family for weeks so that they don't see bruses and marks. Now I'm pregnant by him and am so scared to leave. I know the rest of my life will be filled with fear and I will never truly be happy. I also know I'll never leave

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  • God, please do not bring a child in the world with such a violent father; I am begging you do not do that. Can you still have an abortion? Please please please do not make your kid suffer.

  • Get an abortion. You are denying any guy that actually loves you and wants to have kids with you in the future the chance to experience the wonderful joy of having your first child together, while keeping your current scumbag boyfriend in your life forever. There's nothing noble about an irresponsible pregnancy and you will not bring up a happy child.

  • Your unborn child is not reason enough to leave a man that beats you? That child will see how his father treats his/her mother and possibly beat your kid. He needs to be arrested and go through anger management courses and you need to leave.

  • leave him. dont let him treat you this way just because you are having his baby. you arent locked in by this, you can still escape!

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