What should i do..

I dont know what to do.. i ask my girlfriend "do you care if im upset?" because she had some dude rate her on her profile and then she liked it.. she would dump me within an instant if i did that... but anyway i told her that makes me upset and she said "so?" and she said " oh what are you gonna do be a little b**** and delete it?" obviously she STILL seeks attention from other guys which gives me less reason to trust her more and more... i dont know what to do.. yesterday she was letting a guy flirt with her and now she is asking guys to rate her. im SO F****** IN LOVE WITH HER it hurts me so much... i cant handle this pain.. what do i do?

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  • I relationship is a two way street. You deserve as much love back as you give her. You deserve to be treated better. Tell her how much you love her and then explain how much it hurts you when she does those things. If she still takes your love for granted I'd say you're better off without her.

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