Me and my boyfriend broke up a few

Me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago and it was probably the worst break up that I have ever been through because he totally broke my heart. I still miss him and plan out speeches to say to him, but I know we wont ever be together again and I feel completely hopless. I dont know what to do anymore, and it sucks.


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  • It is going to hurt for a while. When I went through my first heartbreak, I got some good advice (at the time I thought it was dumb). Ok here goes: I could not stop crying, so my mom told me to set aside a certain time of day everyday, wher I could grieve my relationship. I did it and got all my feelings out (hate, love) in a notebook during these times. Well, one day, I cried less, and the next day, a little less, and so on. When the tears stopped, I burned the notebook, without reading it.

  • Take care of you and you will be fine. Oh and m********* A LOT!!!

  • start running with your ipod....forget him. dont look back. or fight to get him back. make a firm choice stick to it

  • I've been there too. And 1bf on and 6 months later I still yearn for him.

  • SIteShrink is right. Right now, it can feel like there's no hope. But day by day, you will feel a little bit better until you're strong enough to realize it's for the best that it's over and you WILL find love again.
    I know. I've been there. And the love I have now is better than I ever could have imagined.

  • Bad breakups take a little time to boil over. Especially when you really mad and say things you don't mean. But give it some time. And then tell him one of your speeches. But he will never listen to you as long as he's still mad. Wait a while, let him calm down and then approach him. Just be prepared to here him say no. That's a possibility. And if he says no it may hurt right then but you'll eventually get over it and move on.


  • Move forward..there are other fish in the sea

  • you will miss the s**

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