I miss you.

I dated this guy for 3 months but we had been talking for about 4 months before we started dating.. I completely fell in love with him.He is a big dairy farmer and we spent a lot of our time on the farm or farming, we had s** ( for the first time) on october 8th and on october 10th he broke up with me because people started rumors that i was sending nudes to my ex..which i really wasnt. but anyways now im dating my best friend.. and he says he loves him and i tell him i love him back but im still in love with my ex boyfriend, he meant the world to me and i would so anything for this guy. dont get me wrong i care for my bestfriend but i honestly dont think i will ever be able to get over bradley. he made me so happy but broke my heart.. i begged and pleaded for him to take me back but he just broke my heart with every answer saying " i stopped loving you the moment i broke up with you" and "if we were meant to be it would have worked out"..i love him so much and dont know what im going to do without him.. people tell me to move on and forget but its so hard when we did everything together and he taught me so much.. Brad i love you more then you will ever know and understand.. i just home someday you will feel the same <3

Dec 4, 2011

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