Adult squirting fantasy

I had a lady in the past that would squirt all over me when she would have a climax,i Cant stop wanting to find a female that would just let me give her oral without any ties mmmmmm great

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  • My wife squirts. It is awesome.

  • OK. Now that my gag complex is in full swing..... Do you enjoy ass flem and toe jam too? Now please excuse me while I go puke up a kidney!

  • I love swallowing squrit in a cocktail glass ,, it's kinky

  • The p*** videos are straight up urine. You need to kill yourself if you really believe a female can shoot liquid 4ft for seconds on end. No wonder America is in the shapes it's in. How dumb can you be. Ignorance. Pure ignorance. Just cause your ignorant and know nothing about human anatomy doesn't mean your beliefs make it real. Fools. Your like kids believing in Santa. Stupid idiots.

  • You an idiot. The female body is not build like a males to e********. nothing in a female can expel liquid forcefully like e**********. Go back to school morons.

  • Dumb ass docs go back and study that it is not urine this is a fact,we know about the net that has gushing v*****'s with the p*** and whatever else that can come out

  • Dude. That was pi$$. It's impossible to squirt. Magically no one
    Could do it till the internet showed it. Btw. I'm a a physician. People in the med field would laugh their a$$ off if you believed this

  • Oh darn I was about to take you up on your desire but I insist on ties. Both ankles and wrists.

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