I think it's where I belong, but I won't say a word

I think I'm meant to be a preacher. I'm 16; and have been asked to give mini sermons, pray aloud, or talk in front of the church about different works. Honestly I barely ever prepare anything; but somehow the words just flow to me. A few months back while I was at a youth gathering the pastor pulled me up to speak about a mini-mission I did and how I was affected. Without even thinking the words just flew straight from my heart and out into the open. Most other times I fumble with my words and say what I don't mean. When I'm speaking about God it's the exact opposite. For a while I went to church doing this before I even believed and just knew the right things to say. Once I became a Christian it continued but even stronger. Always I've had a heart for others and tried to give more than I recieve, and in the past two years my faith has grown tremendiously. Since I don't want to draw attention to myself I've kept this a secret from everyone. My mom brought it up saying maybe it's my calling. Since she said that I've really wondered...

It's the real reason I'm always at the church and bible studies. I'm hoping to get some sort of sign if that's where I belong.

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  • THe hardest thing to do, according to Toastmasters, is public speaking. At least for some people. If you take professional speech coaching you will learn that to be an effective communicator and speaker you MUST be convinced (I do not say "Passionate" here purposely) about what you are saying. You are convinced in your faith in God. You are probably very familiar with the Scriptures you quote as well. That is what makes speaking about God very easy for you. I applause this in someone as young as you. You have a talent that you MUST exploit whether it is as a preacher or something else.

    There is nothing wrong with setting your sights on a career at a young age and working towards that. I am 57 and I have known ONE person in my ENTIRE life that said they wanted to be something at 16 and actually ended up BEING that very thing. It's a rare case but it can be done.

    However, if you go into your adult life making decisions about yourself and your life based on what others want you to do.... well, you will more than likely be a miserable person and most likely fail. UNLESS you are the kind of person that can say "It is what it is and I will make myself happy with it". Good luck with that!

    You DO have one thing going for yourself regardless what paths you decide to walk. At a very young age you have discovered faith. Faith, and it does NOT just have to be about God, is the ability to commit to something bigger than yourself without having all the reasons and proof. It is what allows a parent to live the lifetime of frustration in raising a child that is often disrespectful and unappreciative because they are NOT an adult. It is what allows a soldier to give his life in battle got a greater purpose. It is what allows a mother to endure the pain of childbirth and it is what allows a father to willingly accept a child as his own responsibility.

    Never loose that son. Becasue in learning that at a young age you are decades ahead of your contemporaries.

  • Don't be a preacher because your mom wants you too. Become one because you, yourself want too. Do it because you love and enjoy it, do it because you want to spread the word of christ. As our job of Christians/catholics so and so & so is too spread the word of Jesus because he needs for followers. In case you haven't realised jesus basically travelled to like two or three cities yet his known around the whole world & Buddha and etc had to travel around the whole world to get known. LOL BASICALLY WHAT I MEAN , BE A PREACHER BECAUSE YOU WANT TOO & BECAUSE YOU ENJOY SPREADING THE WORD OF CHRIST ! D*** BE A PREACHER BECAUSE OTHERS SAY SO OR YOUR THE 'RIGHT' MATERIAL NO THATS ABSOLUTELY WRONG ! OVERALL YOU BELONG HERE <3

  • Yes. I agree with that. Do what you think is best.

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