No age necessary, let's just say i'm a

No age necessary, let's just say i'm a minor, i met a guy online and started just talking to him, he was 21, i refused and refused to meet him [simply for the fact that it was online]. The first decent friend of his that came by, i hooked up with, in his bed.

Three days later i went and hooked up with the original 21 year old out of guilt. I did more with him than his best friend and now his friend gives me guilt trips about how I "owe" him. f*** that.
The Original 21 year old doesn't talk to me anymore, ever since the day i said sucking his d*** was "okay, nothing magnificent" he won't give me the time of day.

I like him, i like kissing him.
and all i can settle for is his best friend.

Oh and to add to it, all their friends think they can get a piece of me too. If you knew who i was, you'd think i was making this story up.

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  • I am going financially down. i need more money. i never have enough lately paying for courses that sarina russo, bowi or poeta or all the people who assaulted me like rick and katey and bec or joyce or heaps of others should have paid for. why can't the govt force them to pay for some of my medical bills and education and holidays seeing they had so much fun abusing me. ken should pay and rsl and leigh and anyone who wronged me should help pay the taxation should make rape victims and child abuse victims get discounts on so many things its so are we supposed to get ahead. these people are theives, it makes me sad that god allows them to get away with it and why cant they be punished so I can see them suffer and forced to pay me back. well I don't feel entitled I just feel its the art of being human which I was never allowed to have seeing others suffer and forced to help who they abuse. this is no longer gonna be my problem but their problem.

  • There is a name for girls like you. It is : Official Girl. Meaning, anytime one of the buddies wants some, you are the official c** toilet for the group! Hopefully you learned your lesson not to sleep with anyone and everyone you meet!

  • What goes around..comes around!

  • Maybe they think this cause you a ho! What they offer you a candy bar, or a babydoll. Man, are their any girls left with self respect and dignity. Nope, I do believe it's now all about d*** and p****. This world is going to s***.

  • don't settle for anything less than everything.

  • Exploring your sexuality is one thing but be careful. The older guy isn't all it's cracked up to be and you never know what's out there. As far as the d*** sucking comment, wrong answer. Maybe he was being a little too sensitive about it also, but you could have said it a little softer. Plus by doing his best friend and then messing around with this guy you set your self up to be thought of as the blunt being passed around. Guys talk.


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