Am I gay?

I have a friend and whenever we get drunk he wants to suck my d*** for fun. The last few times I let him but I like girls. Am I gay?

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  • "H*** I'm so h**** the crack of dawn better watch itself round me!"

  • yea, your gay.

  • ur as q**** as a 3 dollar bill

  • you r only q**** if ur on the bottom,but when u do start hitting that ass{and u will}at least give him a reach around

  • Being on the bottom is the best place to be!

  • You aint gay homey. yeh u f*** him in the mouth make sure he give you that good head.

  • Not at all. Enjoy it

  • H*** no. A b****** is a b******. I've let quite a few guys blow me.

  • Your d*** doesn't know whether it's a f** or a woman wrapped around it so you are not gay. If you returned the favor then you'd just be sucking a d***. F*** all the labels!

    People pin a label on themselves because they want some sort of special consideration for it. It's just that simple.

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