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I'm insanely jealous of my best friend. For the past 11 years I've watched her get literally everything she's wanted. Her dad and brother spoil her like there's no tomorrow. She gets $200 put into her account every 2 weeks to blow off on whatever. And now she has a job where she literally has to do nothing and gets paid $12 an hour so even more money to blow off on things that I wish I could even afford to look at. On top of that she's absolutely stunning..long beautiful hair, gorgeous face, beautiful eyes, an amazing body. I have yet to meet a boy who hasn't said to me "damn your friend is sexy, shes so gorgeous." I don't blame them…if I was a guy I'd rather look at her than me too. I know I'm being stupid and i'm being ridiculous. Don't get me wrong..I'm happy for her and proud of all she's achieved and earned, but I wish for once she had to work for something and wasn't just handed everything on a silver platter. Its hard to watch her get so much so easily when I'm struggling to pay for my education. My $8/hr part-time job gives me just enough to pay for tuition and food. I can't go out and buy the clothes, shoes, make up and jewelry whenever I want the way she can. If I had money to blow off, I'd have designer bags and clothes and top of the line makeup and I'd look half as good as her then maybe some guy may look at me and say to her "your friend is pretty"

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  • Stop being her friend. S*** even tell her how utterly annoying it is that she is spoiled and gets everything she wants with out having to work hard for it and for that she will never get respect. I dont care if she is pretty or ugly. A spoiled b**** is a spoiled b**** and I personally dont have any tolerance for people like that.

    I know this might not be too comforting but at least you know how to be self sufficent and take care of yourself. If her father and brother died in a major car accident, she'd have a nervous breakdown if she found out who cruel the real world is and if that happens, dont help her or start spoiling her because you know she is going to turn to you and if she does say " I am not going to spoil you. time you learn for yourself honey." Girl, get some confidence. Become a secret b**** yourself. Trust me, no on in the real world is going to tolerate that, I'm surprised you kept it in this long. I wouldnt go telling her off but you can say some things to her in a mature way of how you feel.

  • whoever is posting these long comments,F*** YOU,STUPID S***,GO TO H***!

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