I am married but I talk to women online

I am married but I talk to women online all the time.. and I try to get them in bed... I never follow through with it... I always come up with a excuse as to why I cant meet them and then I just ignore them and keep talking to other new women online...

but my s** life at home just sucks lately and I really wanna have a*** s**... so I think that the next woman who is up for it that I talk to.. im gonna meet and f*** in the ass...

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  • for the record, I have canceled all the online s*** etc.. and my wife did promise me a*** 3 months ago.. but apparently its my bad cos she never said by when we could have it

  • Dude, just ask her. I've asked my husband for things that I was really nervous about, and some things he had misgivings about, and some stuff just plain didn't work, but if you express to her that you feel like you can't be happy sexually with her if you can't have a*** s** with her (Which is kind of weird, by the way, but whatev) then she's going to be more likely to help you out.

    You married her, she is your partner, and, though she has every right to have preferences regarding s** and hard limits in that regard, she also loves you and wants to make you happy.

    By the way, knock off that online scrubbin' for chicks thing. That is not going to make you happy, it's going to p*** off your wife WHEN (not if, WHEN) she finds out, and it's just not worth it.

  • you need to talk to your wife, and maybe see a marriage counselor.

  • I think a*** s** is overrated. It looks exciting on p*** and stuff like that, but man, sticking your d*** into the p*** shaft? You'll smell the p*** and it'll be a turnoff. Even with an enema, it's gross.

  • How about you lay off the p*** and love your wife like you should a******

  • Talk to your wife, if she says yes, it's a go. Watch for HIV though.

  • Is it wrong to want a*** s**? I really don't care about any moralistic point of view, but maybe so from a health point of view. Is it wrong to cheat on your wife? Definitely so. Again, I'm not really talking about morals. But think about it: society does value fidelity. A judge in a divorce court would care if your wife said that you cheated on her and she never cheated on you. This could really compromize your position in that situation. You might also catch something. You might feel horrible and burden yourself with your dirty little secret for a long time. My advice: take the high road. Play by the rules. Rules include talking to your wife. Rules include divorce. Rules include fantasy. Cheating is against the rules and your stock will fall in many ways should you go that route.

  • The above commenter is right. Think about it first. Have you sat down and expressed to your wife how bad you want to have a*** s**? If you have and she still won't do it then you have to sit and access how much your wife means to you. Just know that things can go very wrong when you are cheating on your wife so take into account all that can happen before you make a hasty decision based you your sexual desires.


  • Know the feeling had the same problems at home and went through the same on line stuff as you. met up with a gal and was with her a bit but then she got serious and i got out. i do not do that anylonger. think about it before you actually do it.

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