I dont know who i was fooling and now...

I think that it was more for me than anyone but after this conversation...
Me:How was your day?
Her:Good I talked to him today.
Her:Something I've never told anyone before.
Me:I won't pry.
Me:It means i won't go any deeper into business that isn't mine.
Her:No it's ok, i told him that i am falling in love with him.
Me(outside):Awwww that's nice :).
Me(inside): *crack* can you really love someone who was never yours?...guess not...because i had always thought that we might end up together and my last hope was that you didn't love him...but i guess there goes that and now, like normal, i sit alone...the way it was supposed to be...going through the stages of grieving for an unrequited love...first telling myself that she is only with him for now, then feeling bad for feeling this way and not knowing why and hating that I'm not hers...P***** thinking shes a horrible person willing to give anything just for them to break up...sad that she never will...now im just waiting for the upturn...

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  • Dude, forget about that girl... She will never be into you.

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