I secretly don't trust white people.

You would think that in the city that I live in, that I'd me more fair minded.

I secretly do not trust white people.

Growing up I used to be open minded, but the older I got, I started discovering how evil white people can be behind closed doors. As a non white person, it hurts to hear white people call you "n***** b****", making fried chicken jokes and saying really evil, hurtful things online, and in person act friendly.

I don't have too many white friends in real life, and I'm okay with that.

I recently got accepted into a college that is roughly 89% white. I am regretting getting in. It was hard and my family wants me to go. I feel as though I'm not going to make any friends and I feel physically sick and plan on sticking to my grades and work and forget about being social.

I can't sit and smile in the faces of white people who I know talk badly about people of my race when we're not around. I'm so upset and angry that this is how life is but I've faced the reality.

Jan 17, 2012

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  • Well, just love yourself f**k white and black if they don't like you you'll be able to tell threw their tone of voice of they rock with or not so chill love life and don't let them kill you even if you have to figure out how to fix your own car etc...

  • Nobody trusts Liberal white people, they are parasitic

  • LOL.

    Consider why those same white people dont reflect kindly on you, while your compatriots Burn, Loot and Murder but you choose to focus on how they don't trust you?

    Deflect much?

  • Sitting behind a keyboard and being racist.. so sad

  • Sitting behind a keyboard and denying reality…such a stooge.

  • Coming from person with melanated skin I take advantage of the situation going to that's cool and capitalize on the education and once you're done and return to the real world find friends who will uplift but I would not second guess myself or anybody just because of skin color.

  • I’m white and have taught diverse students for years. I think your feelings are perfectly valid and understandable. The reality is that some white people are very much that way. Also the. Reality is that some black people also stereotype and make fun of white people. Different races have probably done that throughout history...it’s not nice but probably human. Anything that’s different like culture or physical appearance seems to stir up dumb, shallow people.

    Your fear is my concern. Be careful not to obsess on the bad news about race relations too much. The good stuff doesn’t make the news. And there’s plenty of good stuff. Talking to a counselor might help. My suggestion is get to know each person individually. Everyone is different and has their own mind, thoughts and feelings. I had not been around many black students before I started teaching at a very diverse Christian school and after all these years, there are black students I love as much as if they were my own child. Because they weren’t any different in their mind and heart than white students or my own child. There were many, many close black and white
    friendships and a few even married.

    My son had a mostly white wedding with 5 groomsman, two whom were black. His bride had 5 bridesmaids and one was Persian. They all had a fantastic time and I could ask for better best friends for my son.

    There are lots of black and white people that will love and cherish you...find those relationships and your fears will subside over time. Don’t let fear control you. Pray about it and I will pray for you too.

  • I meant “couldn’t ask for better friends. Teachers should proofread their writing!

  • If you focus on color and race it will make you no different. Go to the college and excel. Make a future for yourself and strive to become successful no matter what. The higher up the ladder you move in society the less you'll ever deal with what you are feeling right now. I know because I was there and now run my own business now and am getting ready to run for the county I live in. Not only am I a minority but I have had to deal with being disabled and have learn to overlook and overcome all the name calling I went through in life. Societies low end of the scale always blame their issues on something..."I'm black, I was born poor, I'm fat, no one wants to hire me, I'm too [fill in the blank]. Be better than that. Change the cycle.

  • This isn’t about focusing on race, race defines everything, if you don’t know that, then your ignorant or willfully ignorant....either way, it’s understanding where you can excel, frankly, the author is 100% right....the ignored bias of white privilege needs generations of work....maybe these are inherently human and will never be resolved, I’m of the later option....go hang out with your own kind....they will respect, understand and hold your hand as you excel...let your life experience be your guide.

    Old but now very relevant.

  • Fantastic reply. The more we adults model appropriate behavior and practice GENUINE love for others the more it will change over time. I think that America will be so racially mixed over The next few generations that it just won’t be as much of an issue.

  • Lol at all you sorry individuals who live in some anti-black conspiracy.

  • You are clueless. I am an Asian American and white people always think I don't understand what they're saying. So, as you can guess--they talk freely even though I'm standing right next to them. And man, they say s*** about black people ALL THE TIME.

  • I feel it man. I’m white myself, but white patents and family are just as f***** up to their kids and friends as they are to everyone else.

    It’s actually funny. My family makes $300,000 a year, and I’m in college worried about making rent because they won’t pay for s***. They don’t even care man. I’m on my own, and so are my brothers. It’s a shame.

  • Whine a little harder, self-entitled mope.
    Try to p*** some of your participation trophies.

  • Bwahaha. I literally lol'd. Ty

  • Without That Gun, The White Man Is The Weakest Organism On The Planet
    That's all you got devil, without it, you like a naked virgin walkin the earth.......No need for even a debate....Just lettin you devils know......

  • More fodder from a mental eunuch.

  • You sound stupid. Have you ever looked at the stats on gun gun violence and race?

  • You the d

  • The Blacks, making excuses for everything to avoid trying. Whites were owned as slaves, Chinese were killed to make the railroads, Japanese died in camps during WWII, the Germans killed jews by the truckloads, Indians and Pakis kill one another daily, the Italians and Irish were hated for years in America, yet the American Blacks still cry about everything and make every excuse to not succeed. Without Democrats and social welfare, you'd be in Africa killing each other piece of s***.

  • Racist much there?

  • You tell ‘em, child molester!

  • So what you f****** b******. did over 100 million irish die from slavery? f*** no. so f*** you and f*** the irish. even they used to say they were the n***** of europe, look it up you ignorant racist f***. f*** you and the irish.

  • Quite the screed, twatwaffle!

  • Haha you're so stupid it's shameful. more people died from black people being slaves than the jews in the holocaust and the jews got reparations. you are a m************ r***** and racist b******. over 100million black people died during slavery & under 15 million jews died in the holocaust. throughout history w, whenever black people tried to advance in America, they were always compromised by white people. so go f*** yourself you racist c***, especially for your well invested ignorance. we all know white people will always try and ruin black development because we're better at a lot of things. you jealous p****. we inspire culture, music. we inspire the world so of course you want to eep us down and don't want us to talk about it. you f****** b******. go and commit suicide with your ancestor's noose

  • Your mental illness is clearly on display.

  • Eat a bag of d**** dipped in s*** loser

  • I can't lie I do like how they keep their community clean.
    I teach my son to never live in the hood but keep a mentality that it's not always a bad environment as the news makes it out to be.

  • Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you

  • Sure buddy

  • STU Devil and btw your reply just proved his case.

  • It proved nothing, except to those who were seeking even the smallest crumb of validation of their own prejudices. Like yourself. So how about YOU stfu.

  • I know what you mean I can't be that way either because they are always up to something and I think they have a problem with their cellphones and they are so mean, I think they are disgusting and I think they are stupid because they have always been, and I think they will always be complete jerks and dorks. Some of my family members in my reunion are white, but nothing against them anyway they are trouble, smoking nasty, and polluting things careless of black people they used to be good only some of them but now it's limited. Why? I don't know, I'm very outraged by what they think these days "CRAZY."

  • I’m white. Sounds like those family members are just trashy people. At least you only have to see them if you go to a reunion.

  • Interesting

  • I'm Never ever trust My white husband

  • Me too

  • I think its good that you dont trust them.. Whites will burn you every time.. The same story from every non white person.

    Tips .
    Always be suspicious on Guard
    Never share any personal info
    Never be around them when they are drunk
    Never have s** with them
    Never help them under any circumstance
    Watchout for there deception

  • Life goes on.

  • Oh well...

  • This comments and this post makes me sad. I understand why the guy above doesn't trust whites though since if I was black I probably wouldn't trust them either... Like it seems like everyone is racist these days. I hate how everyone in the comments takes sides like "yea I don't trust whites either" or "we whites don't trust blacks" "these black people are so uneducated" "whites are jealous of blacks and have issues" like can't we all try to get along? Like this is mainly to the white people since I feel like their racist-ness has the most "impact": can't you just. Not be racist.. Like that's a LITTLE harder said than done because of what western media potrays non-white races and how non-whites get little representation in film/tv and if they do, it's usually a side role, a bad role like a criminal, or even when they put non-white in good roles people find SOME loophole to make the character "whiter". And for non-white people it's hard because it seems like all white people turn on you like saying the n word, saying black jokes, saying they wouldn't marry a "black" (that last one is based off a true story...) etc. But still, I think we should all put in some effort to not be racist aka. be a decent human being. Like think of it: if we all were more sensitive on how racism affects others, and actually tried to be NOT racist, wouldn't this benefit everyone? I'm sorry if this sounds cheesy or like "that white girl trying to accept everyone and be not racist" but I seriously think we should just stop being racist to each other. And ps when I say "not racist" I don't mean "colourblind" or any stuff like that, I mean we try to understand and represent (instead of making everything white) different cultures and races more, and make less assumptions based on race.

  • I could hangout with you anytime.

  • Sorry but you are the problem. You cant judge because you are not currently or in the past never been a lifelong victim of racism. Actually your self-imposed ignorance just demonstrates how arrogant and self-serving you are as a white person. When you Right an actual percentage of all the wrongs that your parents and your past generations have inflicted on non-white people then you can have an opinion on how we should feel about you. So you think there are no racists anymore??? Again you have chosen to ignore the obvious and you and I mean "YOU" are no different than the white people who walked away as Emmit Till was tortured and hanged. Well you say I didn't participate in the actual hanging...……..please that is just one example of the inhuman treatment or injustices that non-white people inflicted on minority people and lets not forget the genocide of the American Natives but you know …...well your pickpocket uncle from Scotland always had 100 acres of land. If you were serious about being fair you would be fair now and see the non-white viewpoint. White we know about You and Your Ancestors

  • I agree with u. I dont trust them snakes either.

  • White people dont have anything except money which what is about to be done with lets see how many allies you have when this war pop off.

  • Wypipo are stupid they think s** is love and being broke is pain that's how stupid they are

  • In the bible God said he hated Esau The God of the universe hates you all from your evil school shooting children to your child molesting men to your Unloyol dog f****** donkey d*** sucking women these people are descendants of the fallen angels biblically speaking so that should tell no matter what you do or how you look spiritually they gonna hate you but yet you rise keep it pushing yo most white are scary anyway so they will says these about your look and stuff but don't you have melanin you are bless not to be white seriously.

  • Whites are only 8 percent globally lmao y'all think y'all gonna survive the war that's coming your army is gonna fail and besides Mother Nature don't want y'all here with your recessive genes sunburnt child molester the women f*** dogs that's y'all gonna get your just desserts while black people rise into the great nation we are know for thank you have a nice day.

  • Who you think build civilization

  • The Incas, The Aztecs, The Chinese, The Romans ( built on the backs of people of color ), The Persians, The Greeks, The Mayans, The Egyptians, The Mesopotamians, and on and on.

  • Wrong answer. Aryans(whites) built the mightiest civilizations before it all got destroyed by people of colour.

  • Sure. Wilfully ignorant N*** f***. You and your ilk are constantly proving OP's point about why you White Devils can't be trusted.

  • You foolish peasant. did you know there was an aryan black king/leader. hitler your dumb white cousin didn't do his research. haha dumb cracker

  • Who do you think will destroy it?

  • Bwahahahhaaaa...it's hard to "rise into a great nation" when you guys have brains the size of a pea.

  • Haha ok that's why we were able to invent a lot of what we use in civilization. i just wish your dead racist ancestors can tell you the truth about their animal f****** 'brains'

  • Blacks created everything you whites think you made. F***** mutt don't know s***. Talking about size of a pea, your brain is a grain of sand you c***

  • It's easy to say we have brains the size of a yes when white haven't created s***. You steal other people's s*** and take credit. Think before you speak mutt

  • Like when we stole all the peanut butter

  • Exactly. like when you stole all the peanut butter. because you steal everything else. music, culture.....

  • I'll f*** you up white or black

  • Don't feel bad you're great to even get in college go and don't stop because of whites they lucky to have you in their school you better start getting up petty they the one with low self esteem as long as they don't touch but if one does you whoop that ass for reals don't back down and don't be scared

  • Nah won't be scared of crackers. they're too fragile

  • Who cares what white people think don't let them stop you when ever you feel sad just remember they have Monkey DNA.

  • Exactly monkey f****** dna. they're born with tails. rhesus monkey ass

  • We all have monkey DNA

  • I completely feel the same way as Anonymous, white people ridicule our people because they are jealous of our people. White people are ignorant low life people that bully other people they don't like. White people have issues with themselves that they need to overcome and seek treatment for. They completely deny that they have issues / mental illnesses, so they psychologically project everything that don't like about themselves on to our African people. I think white people need to seek mental treatment, don't let your fony white PRIDE keep you from doing the right thing, And leave African people be, please and thank you peace.

  • Funny I feel the same way around black people, you can't trust them at all. Atleast white people don't talk trash to your face, black people have no etiquette or even simple manners, I find that black people treat all races like utter crap including themselves, which is just sad. Also getting sick of black people blaming ALL there problems on white people. Instead of b******* and whining, do something about it.

  • Lying sack of s***.

  • Yh like hanking you the way you did our ancestors. it's ok because according to you, we're doing something about it

  • If needed yes I'll ''confront you" or as you put it talk trash to your face because that's what a man does. I feel for most Blacks If we have a problem with you we take it up with you right there, right then . Not later, not behind closed doors or behind your back with whispers and tellng jokes. we don't implement f//cked up policies or construct prejudice institution. back handed, bless yo heart, your so well spoken mirco aggresive BS ya'll so fond of. as if it were lost on us . An't no body got time for that XD

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