Step father

I am now 31 years old, but something happened with my step father when I was 14. I have never told anyone this, not even my husband. Our family used to go up north for the summer to rent a cottage and do summer things like fishing and hiking etc. One year (when I was 14) my mom got a really bad stomch flu while we were there. My step dad had to sleep on the couch. He is a big guy and the couch really wasn't. So my mom asked if I would mind if he slept in my room and if I would sleep on the couch. I reluctantly said ok. Well the second night of sleeping on the couch, I was very uncomfortable, so I just got in bed with my stepdad. It was a double bed and I've never been very big, so I got under the covers with him and dozed off. It was the middle of the night when I woke up with him spooning me! I was pretty wierded out but I noticed that he had an erection, and it was pressed against my ass. I tried to move, and he started humping me! I didn't know what to do. I just layed there for a bit then he stopped. He rolled on his back. When he did he pulled all the covers off of both of us. His p**** was sticking out the leg hole of his boxers. I was in shock. Never saw a real one before. And knowing what I do now about c****, his was quite large. I was pulsing and bobbing with his pulse. I just layed there staring. Then it went soft. So I got comfortable and tried to fall asleep. I couldn't cause I got h**** seeing his c*** and I could see if if I just opened my eyes. He was still laying on the blankets. It started getting hard again. I had to touch myself, it was driving me crazy. I have never had the hots for him. Not that he was bad looking. Back then he was in great shape and he was attractive. But I never saw him like that. Well tonight he was a sexy piece of meat to me. I was masturbating and got a nasty idea and put his hand on my p**** and moved it around like he was doing it for me. I came hard. Then I got dirty. I put my wet fingers under his nose. His c*** jumped as he inhaled deeply. I was stuck about what to do next. He rolled back on his side. I layed on my side and slid up against him like before. I grabbed his c*** (which was so incredible to me at the time) and put it between my legs and closed my legs on it. It was resting right on my wet p****. He just layed there so I started rocking back and forth. He must have got the hint cause he started humping again. Only this time he was rubbing his c*** along my p**** and was rubbing my c***.I looked down and I could see his c*** sliding in and out from between my legs. I was in heaven. I came again! The he started breathing heavy and moaning. I was hoping my mom didn't hear. Then he came! I saw it shooting out of his c*** and landind on the bed infront of me. Then he woke up. Confussed and wondering what happened. I was scared so I pretended to be asleep. He then said "oh s***! " And some other stuff under his breathe. After all he woke up spooning his step daughter, with his c*** between my legs, and come all over us. He went to the washroom and grabbed a clothe. He was wiping the bed in front of me muttering. I pretended to be sleeping. The next morning he took the sheets off the bed and took them to the laundry mat. I know he never told my mom. She would have killed him. It never happened again, but over the years I thought about it a lot and wanted to do it again, but never had that opportunity. Kind of glad I didn't, because as I got older, I wouldn't have been satisfied unless I got that large c*** inside of me. That would be a whole other can of worms! I hope I get some feed back here. I know some people will be harsh, but I want to know if someone has ever had a similar experience. Man or woman. Or am I the only wierd chick in the world. Lol. Thanks for reading

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  • Did you catch any fish???

  • Your the sickest. I love this story right on good for you :)
    U shound fck him after all that finish the story right

  • Good story I like it

  • Don't worry, you where young. All of us have gone though odd experiences when we where young. I saw my mother naked in bed and I got hard. I wasn't attracted to my mom, I was just seeing t*** and v*****.

    No, I did not have s** with her. I masturbated.


  • I only wish I had such a hot experience as you...

  • lol you are seriously one of the f****** lucky daughter :p

  • You was young and experimenting.... its fine.

  • Wow. That above post was uncalled for and rather rude. It's not exactly the... most ethical thing to do, but there's no need for those types of comments! I mean, scheisse.... Maybe I'm just not seeing this for what it is, but in any case, so unnecessary.
    You're probably not the weirdest chick in the world, o worries there. I can guarantee you that there are stranger people. Things happen...

  • Your sick...kill yourself...your mother should shun you and divorce him. you filthy w****...

  • Be a little more inappropriate. Christ, man!

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