Great time gone to far

Well it all stated in 5th grade when i lived in south chicago. i was getting high every day. then in six grade i moved to columbus, IN where i became a dealer known by everybody even my teachers, parent and friends parents as smokey. one year later i had been suspended from school three times for suspision of drugs and then finally expelled when they found spice on a kid. before getting expelled i met a girl who changed my world. in eight grade 2011-2012 i came back and we fell in love. one day she was at my house after school we watched tv then i asked her out and she giggled and kissed me and grabbed my c*** and gave me a bj. i told this as a yes. we had s** twice in her bed once in my bathroom and 3 times in my bed after that. then i got arrested and it kinda just was over after that. we got in several fights since that now she's dating a nerd. today jan. 17, 2012 i called her a skanke c*** w****. she cried for hours and then told everybody where my house is and drugs are and told them what we did in detail . any advice what i should do should i let her back in my pants or what?

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  • Found some more 5th grade p**** to f***, young c*** is the best

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