Agnostic Vs Atheism

A few months ago, I was roaming the internet with no real goal. I was flipping through Youtube videos when A thought came to my mind. That thought: "How do atheists deal with death if they do not believe in an afterlife". I typed in "Atheist death" and got a plethora of vids. I clicked the first one, a video by TheAmazingAtheist, and felt dirty after 35 seconds. The speaker, the titular atheist, set up a scenario where he, or any other atheist, is attending the funeral of a religious friend's grandmother. He said that if this person was to approach you, the atheist in this scenario, and told you that she was in a better place, you shouldn't tell this person "the truth". The truth is that, in his words; "She is f****** dead and no longer exists and you should just get the just get over it."

After viewing this video, I began to watch other atheist Youtubers to see if they were all this...colorful. I watched another vid about life and death, which was just a group of atheists explaining how they view life and death. One, by they name of DarkMatter2525, said that eternal life in any form of the afterlife "would be boring". I watch one by a man named Dusty Smith, or CultOfDusty. He was ranting about this comedian who was making fun of atheism. The comedian said: "You folks know a group of people I have problems with, the atheists." Mr. Smith comes back with: "You've got a problem with atheists? What about Nambla, you sick f***? What about them?" I stopped watching there because I was dumbfounded by this man's logic. I watched one by The Friendly Atheist; I found him to be a smug, self-centered, and high on himself (he also has a punchable face), but he's not so bad.

After some more videos and a little research (I looked through some Facebook pages, Youtube comments, and Memes) I've come to the conclusion that I don't like the atheist community that much. They're s*****, cocksure little pissants with a passion for "science and reason". Their internet community acts as if the human race doesn't stop believing In God by tomorrow, the entire planet will f****** explode or something. The high-ranking celebrity atheists make some of the most revolting remarks toward religion I've ever heard.

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  • My problem with Athiests is that they always get in your face about it and are EXTREMELY RUDE about things. That's a stereotype, but out of every atheist I have ever met, no atheist has not fallen under thi category. They believe that no body should believe in God, which kind of p***** me off, because believe it or not, NOT ALL religions convert. One Religion I have been looking a lot into lately is Sikhism, which does not believe in converting people(F****** AWESOME) or that Every other religion is wrong. Which most religions say, "I am the way" or such and such.
    Its funny actually because Science has been researching more about the consciousness and all that stuff. There has been "scientific talk" (I kid you not) and reasoning behind why our consciousness doesn't die.
    Not everybody believes that God is a man in the Clouds. That notion is completely sexist. It makes no sense for him to be up there, because if he is there and not here, then there is no point worshipping or praying to him, as he wouldn't even know you were, unless you were in the clouds. I view God as more like an energy than a physical being. He is everywhere, so in the sense, he would be like the Universe.... beyond our comprehension.

  • Smug online hardcore atheist culture is the worst. Bottom feeders. Luckily they are a loud minority of the whole of atheism.

    To maybe help with your question: I'm atheist, and as far as dealing with death goes, I get scared thinking about it every so often late at night, like anyone else. But most of the time, I don't worry about it. I don't want to miss out on life and stuff, but it's not like I'll regret being dead when I'm, you know, dead and won't know anything. I don't get upset about my inevitable death any more than I get upset about all the cool inventions and stuff that will happen beyond my natural lifespan that I'm going to miss out on. So, occasionally, but not often, and like anything else we deal with our feelings and move on with life. :]

  • So you believe in the invisible man who lives up in the sky do you? You not into science and reason? Well Aren't you typical believer?

    I'm a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation and if someone even ever mentions NAMBLA their a gets the police called on them. There is no connection between atheism and that stinking vile organization.

    I'll tell you whose into children. Priests thats who. Not some atheist who just wants to get along with everybody and not waste his or her time and money on some damn church or religious organization or whatever.

    Get real. We don't believe in God and we don't think anybody else should. However if the guy in the sky who never shows himself is your thing so be it.

    Me? I'll stick with science and reason.

  • You are only proving a point that many people believe about atheists that they think that no one should believe in God. NOT ALL RELIGIOUS PEOPLE are against science and reason. And not all people believe he is an invisible man up in the sky. That sounds kinda sexist to me. I am religious. I believe in science, my religion supports science, infact they go hand in hand, science and religion. You seem to have a lot of anger issues with Religion, as a lot of atheists do. But I think you need to take a break, step back, do your own research, and realize that not all religios people are like this.
    "Get real. We don't believe in God and we don't think anybody else should."

    Hmm, its funny that you bash on people that are religious and think everybody should believe in God, as you are essentially doing the same.

  • Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
    What might be right for you, may not be right for some.

  • I didn't link atheism to pedophilia. I simply showed an example how how melodramatic atheists can be. And you statement: "We don't believe in God and we don't think anybody else should" only further proves my point. I am not a believer, I am Agnostic, and I find the FFRF to be a pity party for emos who never got any love as kids so they take it out on the religious population who grew up in happier households. Don't take that the wrong way, I do support separation of church and state. I mostly support it for the legalization of gay marriage, not the removal of religion from the public eye. Furthermore, if you'd study any real science outside the secular circle, you'd see that science hasn't disproved the existence of a creator or god. In fact, it's impossible to prove or disprove the existence of God. There are far too many factors you have to take into consideration when going into that philosophical question. You have to take all scientific, mathematical, biological, astronomical, and even geological evidence before you can truly dismiss something that big. It isn't a just question of "Can it be proven scientifically?" It's a question of "Can it be proven in all fields of study?" You are a mere troll with anger issues and too much time on his/her hands and should actually look into the subject themselves instead of relying on a book (The God Delusion) for all the answers...HEY, doesn't that sound familiar to you.

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