I'm 15, a heavy smoker, like, 3 packs

I'm 15, a heavy smoker, like, 3 packs of 50 a day and trying to quit for a girl. BUT IT'S SO F****** HARD! and I'm earning no profit from work with 150 a week.

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  • fat pig!!!!!

  • To AMERICA: where are you from dickwad? Most likely here, yeah this was a dumbass post, but I would be willing to bet you have done your share of dumb s*** to contribute to our ever maturing (NOT) society. And if you aren't from here, get a life and go back home. We don't need anymore imigrants anyways. And if you are another ethnicity but born here, "society" includes you, so leave or be proud of the idiots we live among.

  • I know its really hard to stop, but there are lazer treatments, and other crap like that to help u!

  • Well at 15 you could work part time in fastfood and make ATLEAST 150$ a week. Atleast where I live,anyway



  • this confession is messed up. 15 but you spend all your money on cigs? I think this is a lie. And where would you even work at age 15? no where that you could make $150 a week, unless you're a prostiTOT.


    it's a lie

  • this person's original post-- "I'm 15 and I've been smoking for 3 and a half years. I just got a job a few months ago so I can keep paying for it, and I really want to quit because in the 4 months I've worked, I've made absolutely nothing in profit, and I earn 400 per week!
    just thought you should no."

  • It's hard. So what? Life is hard. So is chemotherapy. If you have any brains, you'll quit.

  • as to 1 above, -possibly a different person?!?!?! D*******!

    as for the girl, if you have one, ask her to help you out.
    Throw the b****** down the toilet and just do it that way. find some way to punish yourself for every smoke you have from this point on.

  • it won't work. you'll end up going back when she dumps your ass. and in your earlier post, you said you made $400 a week. I think this is a lie

  • sorry, but u are just plain stupid.

    don't worry though, you won't need money for too much longer. You'll be dead from lung cancer.


  • It it hard, but you've gotta do it if you value your life and potential (and that includes relationship potential).

  • Dumbass.

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