Black Guys

I absolutely HATE black guys.
I don't care if you're individuals but enough has happened!!

1) I was raped when i was at the park with some friends and my brother went home to get a drink.
2) my friend went to jail under false charges and he was raped in jail!
3) my friend a distance away from me was walking home from the shops with groceries for his mum who was sick and a whole group od black guys gang raped him
4) my boyfriend was felt up by one and managed to punch him in the face and knock him out before anything happened
5) another black guy came over to me, asked if i was single, i politely said "no" which was true and he beat the s*** out of me and i went unconscious..

Sorry but i don't trust you lot

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  • Why would black guys rape a guy thats bullshit.

  • Black people rape for the h*** of it. It comes with being black.

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