Leting go of what could have been

OK, So I lived in a shelter last summer. I met a boy there in the shelter around JULY and we were both different, from very different back grounds. I'm 17 and he's 16, we started talking and sneaking around in the shelter even though my mom advised me against it. He kissed me a coulpe of times, and poured his heart out to me, but their was another teenage girl in the shelter that also had feelings for him... and to be honest I turned cold towards him, when I noticed he acted as though he was ashshamed of me because i'm the complete opposite of him. The guy was ghetto and disrespectful towards his mother an little sister, and me I'm a proper stuck up chunky black girl lol I know that i'm cute btw but i'm far from perfect, but it was weird how fast things moved between him an I! Everything turned sour between him and I, in the middle of September when I started geting inscure thinking why me? Does he really want to be with me or is he just after s**? Or maybe i'm to ugly for him but why me?? I guess he got tired of chasing me, and he finally asked me... do you want to be with me Kassi or do you want to just let this be? I told him I was done and he could just forget we ever knew eachother, apart of him knew it was because I had caught him talking to the other girl in the shelter... His attitude changed towards me the night I told him just forget he ever knew me, he became very angry towards me calling me b******, he even said I wasn't all that pretty... It hurt me a lot to hear these things because deep down I knew that i liked him and wanted to be with him but something kept telling me don't trust him, but now its January 2012 and I still have STRONG FEELINGS FOR HIM THAT WON'T DIE, I know I messed up bad by pussing him away but... I moved out of the shelter on September 28.2011 and we were still angry at eachother but idk what to do..HELP? I called his phone and his mom said he refused to talk to me, and that she gave him all of my messages, I went back to the shelter and stood outside until I saw him but when I called his name he stood there and looked at me with hate in his eyes :( I tried and now i'm hurting because I know he hates me, and I can't do anything about it. Do you guys here on help,com think I should write him on facebook and apologize then just block him? And forever be done and try to have some type of closure?

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