Only 13

Okay so I'm 13 and I just want to have s** it's like all I think about so what the h*** is wrong with me I get h**** at the worst freaking times and I don't know why I just want to

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  • I'm 14... I'll have s** with you ;)

  • im 13 and feel ya and want 2 feel ya in the best way if your a girl i mean

  • funny and yes I am a girl

  • im 13 and feel ya and want 2 feel ya in the best way

  • There is nothing wrong with you. It is normal for your s** hormones to be kicking in at 13.
    You will be told and taught by adults to wait and that it is immoral and wrong for someone your age to have s**.
    But it is easy for an adult that is having all the s** they want to give you that advise.
    You are going to have s** at some point, when you can't wait anymore, so now is as good of time as any, if you feel you are ready.
    Just two pieces of advice.
    Have only with someone that won't be running around bragging about it and telling others. thus ruinning your reputation.
    and secondly, by all means, "ALWAYS use some form of protection, as it is going to s**** up your life big time if you get pregnent as an unwed teen.
    Morally it is "NOT" wrong as even good girls have s**,
    It is part of life. Just be smart about it

  • Hey, I'm 12 and can't stop jerking off lol

  • Hormones, baby!

    Just stay safe and practice safe s** to avoid pregnancy and you'll be just fine.

  • Just do it... its a natural age to start exploring s**. Have fun and be safe.

  • I think its perfectly natural for you to have those feelings. your young and your s** drive is showing its presence. you are still too young to be having s**(in my opinion) but if you do take care.

  • same here. i end up having to masturabate and i lady-c** my panties. there's always so much.

    good to know im not alone

  • can i see you naked i will sned you one!!!!!!!!11email it

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