Grandmother Sucked me Off

When I was a young boy of 12 I often stayed with my 60 year old grandmother.

She washed me nightly and gradually started playing with me after she dried me off.

She was fat and would go topless inspecting my p**** after the bath when my grandfather was not around. It gradually lead to stroking me over a time then rubbing me, she said I need it. I was getting red and hard and feeling funny.

After a few months one night she finally sucked me off and I e********* my first load at 12 in her mouth. I did not know what was happening as it was my first time.

It felt so good to c** and it was erotic for her to lick my sperm down her throat. We did that act for many months almost daily while I fingered her fish smelling v*****.

Today I am 70 and still remember my grandmother doing me and wish she was here to eat my c** again! No I never felt molested just loved!

I now often m********* and think I am cuming in her mouth when I e********! I confess, I liked it at 12!

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  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • I first had sexual relations with my grandmother when I was 13 and she was 64 and a widow. I had to stay with her when my dad went to work in Germany and took my mum with him. I missed mum because she often gave me oral when dad was not around.
    However, on the third night, gran came to my room and got into bed with me. She immediately started tongue-kissing me and rubbing my member. When it was up and ready, gran mounted me and rode me until my b**** erupted and I shot my load up her love-nest.
    After that, I shared her bed with her and she let me take her three or four times before we drifted off into sleep.
    I was really sorry when my parents returned to Bristol, but eventually I persuaded mum to let me use her the way I'd used gran. Dad had to spend a week in London twice a month, so I had mum to herself when he was away.
    Mum had my baby when I was 14. She convinced dad that it was hers.

  • Im in a sexual relationship with my elegant, sexy 77 yr old granma .we started dating 6 months ago when i turned 16

  • I've been f****** my grandmother since I was 14 and she was 50. The first time happenened was when Gran, who had never married, saw me masturbating. She only smiled and then finished it off for me, swalling my c** as she jerked me off. Half an hour later she had me on top of her. I'm 21 now and we f*** whenever we're alone together. She likes nothing better than to fall asleep with my c** dribling from her p**** lips. My mother found out about it a few weeks ago and has hinted that her sexual needs are not being fulfilled. I'm waiting for the time when my father is on a business trip. Then I'll find out if Mum wants me the same way that Gran does.

  • I am in the same situation my aunt i was staying over her house and decided to have a w***, i was half way to c****** we she walked in and saw me with my c*** in my hand , she said Oh i'm so sorry i should have knocked.i replied Oh that alright auntie, she then smiled and said would you like me too help you with that and she took hold off my c*** and proceeded to w*** me off,i then said why don't you strip off auntie and join me on the bed. She gave me a smile and did a very nice striptease show for me and by the time she had got naked i must have got the biggest h****** ever. She then said i have a much better idea than just a w*** and climbed on top of me and fed my rampant eight inch c*** in to her forty nine year old c*** and slowly sank down on it until i was buried all the way in her c***. She then began to f*** me. we were f****** for twenty minutes when i shouted Oh auntie i'm going to c**, she said shoot it in me please Daniel please f*** me and give me all your baby making s**** i want your baby i really want you to make me pregnant please. So i fired all my s**** into her c*** and filled her womb full to overflow. we are still f****** each other twelve months later and i managed to get her pregnant. We now have a two month old daughter.

  • Go for it why wait till your dad away on business soon as he goes out to work get your mum alone and take to your bed room and begin to slowly undress each other and then f*** the daylights out of each other. I like you have been wanting to f*** my mum for some time. So one day i walked in on her while she was making her bed and just pushed her down on the bed and pulled her panties down got between her legs and i began to eat her out. after she got over the shock of it she undone my pants and began to suck my seven inch c*** . i said mum i have been wanting to f*** you for so long, she gave me a smile and she open her legs wide and pulled me between them, so i quickly drove my c*** all the way up her c*** and i began to f*** her hard. As we were f****** each other suddenly her young sister my aunt walked in and saw us and began to strip off and got on the bed and joined us and we spent the whole evening f****** each other. that was three week ago and my mum keeps hinting about doing it again. i will let you all know if it happens.

  • That pretty hot !!!

  • very hot!

  • I was f****** my young sister when my mum walked in and saw us and stood there watching me feeding my seven inch c*** up my young sister's c***, she was eleven years old and was fourteen.after i had shot my c** in her young c*** my mum then got between my sister's thighs and licked her out. i then began to f*** my mum and dump another load of s**** in her c*** as well. That was twelve months ago and i have now also got my mum pregnant, she said she is going to keep the baby and make out it my dad's, i'm also still f****** my sister.

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