I love old dirty pervs .

Ever since I've been 15 ive always wanted for really old men to f*** me , I'm 19 now and I finger myself tight little p**** thinking of an old perv licking me all over . Especially men pretending to be my dad or grandpa . Is this weird ??? :(

Jan 24, 2012

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  • Omg me too! Started being like this since 10 years old, flash my b**** in front my my dad but he didnt take it! Im 21 and a single mother now but still fantasise things like this everyday

  • Hot! How old is your kid(s)? Does the idea of being a nasty pedo mum turn you on? I'd love to treat you like my grand daughter and make you help me f*** your kid too ;) strongandhard (at) protonmail.com

  • Im 50 and would love to lick you like a filthy pig.... Just thinking of eating your p**** and bunghole is making me j*** off hard..

  • I've slept with a number of young women more than half my age. I think it is natural. Do you want to learn physics from a 10 year old or a 40+ with a phd. This is a similar thing.you will need to be the agressor, letting them know you want it. The high quality men do not want to be seen as pervs, even if they are.

  • Who told you, your sexual preference was weird? and that older men are dirty pervs? have you been speaking to that serpent again? the truth is that there is nothing perverted about male and female of any age sharing in the fruits of sexual love and attraction between each other if they so desire which is nothing more then normal and natural human sexuality....

  • No you're not weird for wanting older men it's perfectly normal... just like it's perfectly normal for me to desire young girls! It's these people that are making negative comments about something that they know nothing about or have never experienced these feeling or desires for themselves and yet are trying to push their values and morals on others, so in reality their comments don't mean a thing to anyone but themselves and are invalid!!! Because no one should speak for or against something unless they have experiemced it themselves....

  • me too!

  • I've never been molested not as a child and especially not now . ANYWAYS the oldest I've ever been with was a 50 year old I loved daddy c****** inside my p**** .

  • Hey you sound like a real sweetheart, I'm a 50 year old man but I feel 20 years younger and most people think I'm in my late 30's.. you and other young ladies who feel the same as you are truly a blessing!!! mmmm... daddy has a big load for you sweety..

  • mmmm thats so hot. I would love to c** in oyur hot young p****. Pounding you full of daddy c*** :)

  • you must have been molested by male relative when your little

  • lets talk

  • Hey 19, Not wierd at all. Been with a few girls who love daddy daughter s** play.

    I c** so hard when a girl is screaming "f*** me Daddy"

    Lets talk. I'm 47 BTW. If interested comment back to DMH

  • Im interested (;

  • Youngandwondering. Love to spend some "Daddy" time with you. Wanna talk? let me know and we can arrange something :)

  • Kinky ;)

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