My crimes

I confess ive done some bad things in my life ive shoplifted beaten up a few pepole just for fun stolen money .! those crimes were kids stuff but my s** crimes is what i do now its nothing for me to grab a young girl from her momma and do oral s** with her. most young girls dont tell anyone about it . most young moms get too scared to stop me even say just hurry up before someone comes . it turns them on watching their daughters getting fingered and sucking a mans d*** !

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  • How old are these girls? What kind of tactic are you using when you ask the mom? Are you in a house or car? Details please!

    I want to try this too.

  • I asked a young girls momma to let daughter suck my d*** she freaked out but let me make her daughter suck my d***. Its easier to ask young girls momma to let me do things than before i read posting

  • Sick basterd

  • Its real it happened to my daughter and her 7 year old . she said it scared her at first but than relaxed as the guy gentally worked her mouth on his d*** till he cam she even had a o***** herself

  • He's a troll. Right? :(

  • He is lying.

  • Are you serious?????

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